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Gulfstream Park – 12.01.2019 expert reviews

By in Yabancı Altılı Tahminleri on 12 Ocak 2019

Gulfstream Park – 12.01.2019 expert reviews,
Barn information, degrees, research results, tips

1 17:45
According to the information received from the barn for a long time is said to be prepared tightly close to 7.Dash of Dazzle

3.Our Sarge If you are confident that those concerned can make a surprise.

2 18:14
Recently trusted as a result of his recent work 3.Windjammer probably wins easily.
3 18:44
They said it would be easy to ride this race for 4.Firm, which is said to be a quality fabric.
4 19:15
Bets can be played on 8.Jersey Joe B that is expected to surprise you soon.

11.Singanothersong  it seemed like I would win the next run in preparation

5 19:45
2.Wicked Mandate Winning with a lot more favorable conditions than his serious opponent
6 20:15
2.Trio of Champions he can win again after the race he wins.

8.Over Sensual very ambitious in this race

7 20:45
There will be a race between 2.Toscana and 4.She’s a Problem


8 21:15
hardly a jogging track but 3.Can’t Buy Me Love
9 21:45
this time tightly prepared 8.Conquest Big E close to winning

The only opponent can be 1.Vici

10 22:15
5.Brainstorm  Very easy to win compared to the picks we bought from the vicinity of the runway
11 22:47
In terms of degree, the quality difference with its competitors 7.La Signare wins
12 23:19
9.Blue Collar  and 3.Cured by Kitten  are the names of many spoken in the stables this morning. one of them will win.

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